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Germany's 13 scariest ghosts haunt here.

If you want to know more about your German ancestors, klick here.

Sylt and Amrum: The Gonger is a haunted dead man. Bremerhaven: The Klabautermann haunts ships. Ludwigslust: The werewolf kills humans and animals. Bückeberg: The Böxenwolf wants to be carried on its back. Brandenburg: The rye-mule leads children to the cornfield. Lübbenau: The midday woman cuts off heads. Cottbus: The Buldnik leads hikers astray. Jena: The Saalehexe draws bathers into the depths. Saalfeld: The wild Berta slits bellies. Aachen: The Bahkauv puts drunks on their shoulders. Nuremberg: The night Giger eats night owls. Bad love cell: The Erkinger eats brides. Regensburg: The Bilmesschnitter destroyed grain.

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