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We help you receive your legitimate inheritance and support you at every phase of the process. It is not until probate researchers have completed their work that heirs learn about their claims and can contact the authorities to assert their rights. The estate cannot be executed until all of heirs have been determined.

Commercial managing and executing the estate

  • Finding unknown heirs domestically and internationally

  • Researching in archives

  • Research in appropriate offices and authorities

  • Looking for and finding relevant sources

  • Acquiring certificates and documentation

  • Providing regular updates about the search

  • Having international documents translated

  • Supporting the process of obtaining the certificate of

  • Performing research at our own risk without incurring
    expenses for the estate

  • Managing the commercial aspects and distributing the estate

  • The service is based on a simple contingency fee after
    the inheritance has been paid out

  • This approach lowers the amount of estate tax due

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